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Newsletter, a Shortened form of newspaper and informational letter communicates your ideas and business strategies to your readers! It is more often used by companies to sell targeted ads within their newsletters. Newsletters are a valuable communications tool for building a gradual, lasting, long-term relationship with existing and prospective customers.

Promotional Newsletters: This type of newsletter is frequently used by businesses to promote a product or service. It is also known as a marketing newsletter. A promotional or marketing newsletter is typically sent to current or prospective customers free of charge. Not strictly a sales pitch, the promotional newsletter does strive to turn prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers.

The basic types of Newsletters are

  • Relationship Newsletters: Examples of this type of newsletter are club newsletters, employee newsletters, church newsletters, and alumni newsletters. They focus on the shared interests of the target audience. Typically distributed at no charge, some organizations may send newsletters only to paid members.
  • Expert Newsletters: Usually subscription-based, these newsletters generally focus on a specific topic and the recipient is someone who has specifically requested the information in the newsletter and is willing to pay for the information.
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