Personalized Software Applications

In today's era, ready software like Microsoft Office and other application products has been doing lot more than what they did just a few years ago. Many times a standard software package may have filled your business needs. But sometimes, you may be thinking to have personalized software application products.

CRM solutions that deepen customer relationships improve corporate profitability and provide in-depth business performance analysis easily and efficiently.

Personalized Software May Be The Best Answer!

Like any custom built thing, custom written software can be somewhat pricey, but done right direction, and it can be the precise solution for your business needs.

We have developed some personalized software solutions for our few clients for over 4 years. From simple routines to keep track of a daily communication entry, few business orders to networked applications that run an entire billing and delivery system. Personalized software projects can be developed in phases.

Phase 1:

Functional Analyst will meet with you to discuss your needs and requirements. You will provide your ongoing paper forms or other documents that you are currently using. On that basis we will outline the document explaining your needs along with a rough quote of time and cost. This phase is free to you and if you decide not to continue on to software development, no charge will be made.

Phase 2:

You can revise an outline docs produced by us and can decide to continue on with some advance, amount will start the design and development process.

Phase 3:

Here we will have the structure of the database defined and we will display all the major screens to you that will handle your data. Your suggestions about the screens are encouraged

Phase 4:

Installation, testing of the first version of working software on your computer with all major commands and functions will be implemented. You can start using the program so you can better see how it is working, find any "Bugs" and suggest changes.

Phase 5:

You will report us your queries on database structure and its working flow with all dedicated reports outputs.

Phase 6:

Final installation of complete working software with all commands and functions fully functional as well as all printer reports working. A one to two hour training session for you and your users will be conducted.
Any additions or enhancements to your custom software, that you require, at any time in the future, will be discussed with you at no charge.
Simple changes will be done and quoted freely, for a long term business relations with you.
If the additions or enhancements require extensive modifications or rewrites to the existing program, we then payment terms will be extra discussed.

Screen Shots of:
Baggage’s Management System – Andheri
Quotation MAkng System – Mulund
Few from Prasad -
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